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5 Reasons Why You Need to Be Eating Kale Right Now

You may have noticed that kale has become quite popular in the last year or so. The attention, in my opinion, is deserved. Here are seven awesome things you can do with kale, a healthy, beautiful and delicious vegetable: Salad! Try substituting kale for romaine for your next Caesar salad. Chop the kale finely and toss it with a Caesar dressing to surprise your guests with a new twist. The kale will stand up more heartily to the dressing than romaine and is an

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Three Tips to Craft the Perfect Party Menu

When planning party menus it’s key to stay relevant to the seasons, but what does this mean for basic flavors? Here are some fun ideas for presenting balanced summer menus both at home and at your next catered event. Mingle flavors by pairing bitter drinks with sweet snacks: a summertime classic drink that’s back in vogue is the Negroni (gin, Campari, and sweet vermouth). For sharp, balanced bitterness, serve it with the subtle sweetness of tea cakes, biscotti, or figs. Incorporate herbs and summer

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Avoiding an Event Spoiler

So many factors go into creating a perfect event. Whether you’re hiring a catering company or planning it yourself you’ll need delicious food, helpful staff, complimentary decor, and last but definitely not least, a comfortable space. An event that would be perfect can be uprooted by the wrong location: all the aspects of your party need to align so that guests are at ease. Here are some tips to finding the perfect location for your event: Consider Atmosphere: Make sure that the location will

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5 Decor Tips for a Zen Summer Party

My main focus is always the food, but it can be hard to enjoy a perfect summertime lunch if the décor is staring you straight in the face and screaming “winter”. I like to make sure that the decorations surrounding the food compliment and agree with the mood of the meal and the season. Here are some tips for keeping your events pleasing to the eye, as well as the palate: Keep your color scheme cool and simple: moss green and subtle off-whites will

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Sensational Summer Party Ideas

Summer is the best time to relax and enjoy friendships in (mostly) beautiful weather, and somehow the 9-5 doesn’t seem so bad in summertime. Summer is the best time for parties, so thank goodness there are so many things to celebrate! Here are some easy party ideas to help inspire you as we enter the season. Great Gatsby Themed Party– Celebrate this new release by hosting a Gatsby themed party! Tell everyone to wear flapper and 1920s themed clothes, have a “speakeasy” bar set

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Top 8 Catering Mistakes: Don’t Let These Happen to You

Catering is about more than just the food you serve at your event – it affects the overall atmosphere of the event. Rude servers, bad timing, or undercooked dishes can make your life a lot more stressful. We’ve rounded up some the top catering mistakes and tell you how to avoid them. 1. Miscommunication: Create a contract so that miscommunication will not be a problem for your event. Make sure the caterer has added detailed information on their proposal including the arrival time of

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