5 Decor Tips for a Zen Summer Party

My main focus is always the food, but it can be hard to enjoy a perfect summertime lunch if the décor is staring you straight in the face and screaming “winter”. I like to make sure that the decorations surrounding the food compliment and agree with the mood of the meal and the season.

Here are some tips for keeping your events pleasing to the eye, as well as the palate:

  1. Keep your color scheme cool and simple: moss green and subtle off-whites will keep things calm, elegant, and acknowledge the hues of cool summer flavors like fresh herbs and rich, green vegetables.
  2. Keep things natural: use wooden accents and wicker baskets for a natural atmosphere and breezy look.
  3. Use light, thin glassware for a gentle, elegant feel to keep the mood and yourself cool.
  4. Choose colors that compliment each other: stick to pastels, natural hues, and shades that agree, so that everything feels in concert, and of nature.
  5. Decorate to match your food and drinks; a beautiful moss green decorating scheme can bump up the color of avocados, fresh herbs, or the subtle green in fennel. And have fun!

Keeping the decoration in line with the food makes guests feel more comfortable and allows them to enjoy a summer party in total harmony.