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6 Sharp Kitchen Tips from a Catering Pro

For the culinary professional, keeping a kitchen in good shape is a must. My kitchen is my office, my laboratory, and my stage. I like to tell my kitchen staff that a messy kitchen results in a messy end product.  For the sake of a stress-free cooking experience we’re sharing some of our tried and true tips for keeping it together in the kitchen. 1. Keep your knives sharp. Dull knives are more likely to slip and cut you, and a sharp knife will

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5 Tips to Pulling Off a Flawless Dinner Party

photo by There’s nothing more uncomfortable for dinner party guests than a stressed out hostess. And we all know if the hostess isn’t having fun then no one will. Don’t let yourself make easily avoidable mistakes when throwing your next dinner party. Here are some tips to organizing and executing a wonderful, relaxing and fun dinner party. 1. Plan your menu out in advance. Make sure you think through all the dishes you’re planning on serving. Don’t wing it. Organize a menu that’s

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6 Cheese Picks for a Tongue Tingling Cheese Platter

Who doesn’t like cheese? One of the simplest and most impressive ways to entertain your friends is to put together a well thought out cheese platter. Skip the usual ho-hum brie and cheddar and put together a cheese plate that combines a variety of textures and  flavors. Here are six  of our pics delicious cheeses that will make get your guests talking. 1. Reblochon: this French cheese is fruity, funky, and dynamically flavorful. There are several varieties, the most common being Reblochon Fermier (Farmer’s

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The Sweet & Salty Factor

Wowing clients is a serious business. After all, it’s not everyday that someone will trust you with their budget and their taste buds. I’m always on the hunt for the latest and greatest in food and design, but it seems there are always new techniques and gadgets to keep on top of. Just when I master one, another one comes along that I just gotta have. When I find myself in overwhelm mode, I go back to basics and ask myself what flavor combinations

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6 Sizzling Summer Party Planning Tips

Summer is without a doubt a great time to throw a party. Having catered hundreds of parties I am often asked what makes for a great party. I’d like to say it’s delicious food, but the reality is that it’s the people that make a party. It’s the job (yeah, you can call it a job) of the host to create an atmosphere that will bring out the best in his or her guests. Here are some tips for creating a fun party: 1.

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Six Sexy Summer Sangrias

Who doesn’t love a cool, refreshing drink on a hot summer day? As sangria sees a return to popularity at catered events, we like to spice ours with non-traditional ingredients to keep our guests coming back for more. Here are six options for an edgier twist on the original, sweet cooler: Orange Sangria, for a start close to home. Try adding orange liqueur and a tart orange soda (like San Pellegrino Aranciata) to your classic sangria base. Crisp Fruit Sangria: instead of the classic

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