6 Cheese Picks for a Tongue Tingling Cheese Platter

Who doesn’t like cheese? One of the simplest and most impressive ways to entertain your friends is to put together a well thought out cheese platter. Skip the usual ho-hum brie and cheddar and put together a cheese plate that combines a variety of textures and  flavors.

Here are six  of our pics delicious cheeses that will make get your guests talking.

1. Reblochon: this French cheese is fruity, funky, and dynamically flavorful. There are several varieties, the most common being Reblochon Fermier (Farmer’s         Reblochon). This is a cheese that packs flavor, and may not be for the faint of heart.

2. Toscano: This is a milder cheese. It’s for those who know what they like and don’t want to experiment. This Italian hard cheese is salty, dry, and perfectly compliments white wine, or a dry martini.

3. Tomme de Savoie: another French cheese, this is also soft, but firmer than Reblochon or Brie. It’s creamy, savory, buttery, and will slowly melt in your mouth.

4. Artisan Cheddars: Go  local. There are scads of great, small producers of cheddar in the United States, particularly in Wisconsin and the surrounding states, that make cheddars with varying levels of saltiness, rich caramels, and dryness. These artisan cheddars will redefine what your guests think of cheddar cheese.

5. Chevre: Try a less conventional goat cheese, either from France or the United States. Humboldt Fog from California is very popular. It’s covered in an ash rind, giving it a slightly smoky and smooth finish.

6. Sheep’s Milk: Manchego is a favorite, particularly when paired with quince paste or rich Marcona almonds. But try experimenting with other sheep’s milk cheese from the Iberian Peninsula and the Pyrenees Mountains. Or, try Podda Classico from Sardinia, which is sweet, nutty, and sharp.

Get your guests even more excited about your grown up cheese platter by choosing one or two wines to pair with the cheese, or if you’re feeling casual, craft beers can be fun and complex. Enjoy!

Photo Credit: becauseimaddicted.net