Six Sexy Summer Sangrias

Who doesn’t love a cool, refreshing drink on a hot summer day? As sangria sees a return to popularity at catered events, we like to spice ours with non-traditional ingredients to keep our guests coming back for more. Here are six options for an edgier twist on the original, sweet cooler:

  1. Orange Sangria, for a start close to home. Try adding orange liqueur and a tart orange soda (like San Pellegrino Aranciata) to your classic sangria base.

  2. Crisp Fruit Sangria: instead of the classic mix of orange, mixed berries, and sugar, try green apples and lemon slices for a dryer, clearer concoction.

  3. To go entirely off-piste, try something with a sparkling wine base (Cava is best, but Prosecco or traditional Champagne will do) and build it out with peaches and lavender for a botanical, sweet delight.

  4. For a better white sangria, use blood oranges, kumquats, and mint to even out a balanced, beautiful evening drink.

  5. For the dryest twist, start with a mix of Cava and grapefruit juice, brightened and cooled with slices of fresh ginger (be sparing, it’s strong!), clean cucumber, and radishes.

  6. Finally, for an edgier, more rugged twist, try the popular Basque Cooler Kalimotxo: half cola and half red wine. You can spruce it up with a float of ouzo or an anise liqueur (for those who want something stiffer and less sweet).

Enjoy and stay cool!