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7 Ideas for Hosting the Perfect Spring Brunch

The official first day of spring was last week, and I’d wager to say that for most of us, it couldn’t come soon enough! Why is it that brisk temperatures and snow are so charming in November—and such drudgery in February and March?! With spring comes the quintessential seasonal meal: brunch. Whether you celebrate Passover, Easter, Mother’s Day, or just the rite of spring, brunch seems like the perfect fit. I even think a brunch wedding could be an incredibly elegant affair! Something about

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Ancient Grains for Modern Menus

Kale, goji berries, chia seeds, wheatgrass—the last few years have been all about the superfoods, which have popped up not just in health food stores and juice bars, but on trendy menus all over New York and all over the country. But the latest craze is for what are being called ancient grains. Spurred on somewhat by diet trends that eschew refined carbs and also by the rise in gluten allergies, these grains are fast becoming popular menu staples at high-end restaurants. Chefs actually

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What Your Valentine’s Day Drink Says About You—And Your Date

Whether you’re out with your long-time sweetheart or a relatively new love, what your date orders to drink can say a lot. We thought it would be fun—and educational—to decode some of the signals. After years of attending parties professionally, we’ve begun to be able to deduce the way the night will go based on the drinks orders. Use this (somewhat tongue-in-cheek) guide to decode your date or to pre-program a night of fun when planning your own Valentine’s Day soiree. Red Wine —

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Cauliflower: The New Kale? 7 Recipes to Convince You

Believe it or not, the unassuming cruciferous has been showing up on many experts’ 2014 food reports, including the Huffington Post. Expert foodies are predicting the shy veggie may wind up a superstar this year, much like kale’s stratospheric rise to popularity in the last few years.  It’s already popping up on trendy restaurant menus all over the place. Vegetarian restaurant Dirt Candy in New York City’s East Village offered a popular meatless “chicken” and waffles plate that featured cauliflower, and Salvation Taco in

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How to Host a Chic & Easy Thanksgiving Like a Pro

Do you love hosting a big Thanksgiving dinner, or does it stress you out? Some people host huge gatherings of family and friends because they love to do it. They love the chaos and the warmth and the togetherness.  And some people host out of a sense of duty, or “you hosted last year, so I’ll do it this time,” or because they’re the only one with enough chairs. Either situation can result in a fantastic gathering, with a little planning like a pro.

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Top 10 Tips for a Happy Holiday Party

I hate to be like those department stores that start playing Christmas carols the morning after Halloween, but it’s true: the time to start planning your holiday parties is now. It seems like a great idea at first: a warm holiday gathering to celebrate the season and the end of another year together… But whether you’re in charge of putting together your office party or want to host a gathering for friends, holiday parties can be stressful! Having been in the catering business for ten

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