What Your Valentine’s Day Drink Says About You—And Your Date

Whether you’re out with your long-time sweetheart or a relatively new love, what your date orders to drink can say a lot. We thought it would be fun—and educational—to decode some of the signals.

After years of attending parties professionally, we’ve begun to be able to deduce the way the night will go based on the drinks orders. Use this (somewhat tongue-in-cheek) guide to decode your date or to pre-program a night of fun when planning your own Valentine’s Day soiree.

Red Wine — A traditional, seductive choice. If you order for your date, make sure you know what you’re doing. And don’t try the swirl and sniff unless you really know what you’re doing, because if you don’t, you can look like a dork.

White Wine — Usually a lady’s choice, but a classic choice. If you’re ordering for the two of you, why not ask the waiter or sommelier to recommend a rosé to mix things up; the pink is romantic.

Sangria — Your date’s expecting a crowd, so don’t get too cozy.

Champagne — Trying really hard to be romantic, or a serious foodie. But who are we kidding? Bubbles are romantic. Pink bubbles even more so.

Straight Liquor, Neat or On the Rocks — A serious drinker; whether or not that is a serious problem depends on how many. (Unless it’s vodka, and then they might just be watching their calories. Skip dessert.)

Fruity Cocktails — An inexperienced drinker. Or, possibly, someone who just knows what they like and are very comfortable being themselves. Or maybe a Parrothead.

Beer — If they order a domestic beer, they might be driving. Craft beer, they might be a hop-head. But really, who orders beer on Valentine’s Day?? Unless you’re dining on heart-shaped pizza, I would be suspicious that their heart isn’t in it.

Old Fashioned — Probably very fashionable, in-the-know, and a foodie, because retro cocktails are all the rage right now. Take this date to a speakeasy to woo them.

The Valentine’s Day Special — If they order whatever the restaurant or bar is serving up as a special, it’s a good possibility that Valentine’s Day is extremely important and special to them. Text the nearest flower shop immediately and have roses delivered to the table.

Need something to wow your sweetie this Valentine’s Day? May we suggest the Mata Hari, a cognac-based cocktail with chai-infused vermouth. Or the Amore Vietato, from the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas, with gin and blood oranges. Either way, you’ll be saying that you care enough to mix up something special.

Do you have a favorite romantic beverage? Keep the ideas flowing in the comments below.

Photo Credit: Mulia