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Cauliflower: The New Kale? 7 Recipes to Convince You

Believe it or not, the unassuming cruciferous has been showing up on many experts’ 2014 food reports, including the Huffington Post. Expert foodies are predicting the shy veggie may wind up a superstar this year, much like kale’s stratospheric rise to popularity in the last few years.  It’s already popping up on trendy restaurant menus all over the place. Vegetarian restaurant Dirt Candy in New York City’s East Village offered a popular meatless “chicken” and waffles plate that featured cauliflower, and Salvation Taco in

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How to Host a Chic & Easy Thanksgiving Like a Pro

Do you love hosting a big Thanksgiving dinner, or does it stress you out? Some people host huge gatherings of family and friends because they love to do it. They love the chaos and the warmth and the togetherness.  And some people host out of a sense of duty, or “you hosted last year, so I’ll do it this time,” or because they’re the only one with enough chairs. Either situation can result in a fantastic gathering, with a little planning like a pro.

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Top 10 Tips for a Happy Holiday Party

I hate to be like those department stores that start playing Christmas carols the morning after Halloween, but it’s true: the time to start planning your holiday parties is now. It seems like a great idea at first: a warm holiday gathering to celebrate the season and the end of another year together… But whether you’re in charge of putting together your office party or want to host a gathering for friends, holiday parties can be stressful! Having been in the catering business for ten

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What’s Hot for Fall

Some people may want to hang on the last days of summer as long as possible, but I look forward to the flavors of fall almost as much. Maybe it’s all the holidays they might be associated with, but there’s just something about the quintessential foods of the season that really connect us to memories of family and community. (Hey, the pumpkin spice latte at Starbucks is a huge hit for a reason, after all!) The Flavors of Fall Pumpkin pie, apple cider, butternut

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Craft the Perfect Frothy Fall Cocktail

Fall is settling in, and we all need to adjust. As the leaves turn red and orange, our foods get a little heartier, our drinks darker, and our moods quieter. To lighten things up and celebrate the cool, beautiful days, here’s a drink that walks a brilliant fine line between light and heavy, airy and substantial. Call it a gin sour, call it a Fall Gin Froth, whatever you call it, you’ll call it delicious. Fall Gin Froth (makes 12 servings) 2 ¼ cups

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8 Tips to Prevent a Catering Misadventure

So you’ve found your caterer; the food is amazing, you’re happy with the decorations, and everything seems like it’s going to go perfectly. maliciously But planning isn’t everything, and there are always details that can be forgotten. If you want your party to be perfect, then you need to be sure you know what you want. Here are some tips to get the most out of your relationship with your caterer. 1. Communicate! It might be the most important thing. Make sure you have

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