Tips from a Catering Diva

Welcome to Tips From a Catering Diva! As Executive Chef and Creative Director of Sweet Basil Catering & Events, much of my cooking is more formal for catered events, but I also enjoy preparing casual dinners at home when friends visit — dishes like a mixed green salad with spiced pecans, seafood linguine, and chocolate souffles are always a hit. Often there’s a group of us sitting around on the floor while catching up, sharing appetizers like tuna tartare and fried chickpeas, along with a great bottle of wine (or three). I’ve wanted to chronicle some of my favorite experiences involving friends, family and food for years, and now it’s time to start.

My twins, Alexandra and Andrew, adore food almost as much as I do. At only 2 ½, they’re curious with healthy appetites. Others are amazed at the wide variety of foods they eat, and also their interest in cooking. A & A like being part of the process and running around the kitchen with me, often sampling each ingredient before it enters the pot.

I hope this blog will encourage you to cook with your kids, your spouse, your parents, and your friends. Sharing delicious food is an important part of any relationship, and always at its best when created with love.