7 Ideas for Hosting the Perfect Spring Brunch

The official first day of spring was last week, and I’d wager to say that for most of us, it couldn’t come soon enough! Why is it that brisk temperatures and snow are so charming in November—and such drudgery in February and March?!

With spring comes the quintessential seasonal meal: brunch. Whether you celebrate Passover, Easter, Mother’s Day, or just the rite of spring, brunch seems like the perfect fit. I even think a brunch wedding could be an incredibly elegant affair! Something about the warmer days, the flowers peeking out of hiding, and the sudden urge to wear sandals and floral dresses (even for those of us who might otherwise never wear sandals and floral dresses!) just call out for brunch, so we’ve rounded up some of our favorite ideas for hosting a spring brunch everyone will love.

What makes a great brunch?
A few thoughts on the brunch as an art form:
It’s breakfast and lunch, so it’s key to have foods that bridge the gap. Decadent pastries can belong to breakfast or dessert, and egg dishes do an excellent job of satisfying those craving breakfast or lunch.
Serve coffee and tea. Not everyone drinks coffee. A selection of juices is also a must and I like to have at least one signature cocktail or punch.
Go beyond the mimosa or bloody Mary. I think the Moonwalk cocktail is a fun departure for most brunches.
Revel in spring’s bounty! Go for asparagus, leeks, ramps, spring onions, peas, radishes, fresh baby lettuces—all those fantastic veggies we’ve been dreaming about since December or so!

7 Menu Ideas for the Perfect Spring Brunch:

Crepes—Oh La La!
I love the idea of a crepe station for a brunch gathering that recalls the fabulous street carts and window shops of Paris. Since crepes lend themselves to a variety of fillings, they bridge the sweet and savory divide nicely. If you don’t have enough hands for a manned station, these ham and egg crepe squares also look delish and could be varied with different fillings.
Yogurt Bar
Greek yogurt is still all the rage right now, and a yogurt bar or pretty yogurt parfaits with fresh granola, berries, even a dollop of lemon curd, jam or whipped cream make breakfast feel a little more decadent. Look for Greek yogurt that is produced the traditional way—that is, strained to thicken it, rather than containing added pectin or other thickeners. Our partner – Barcelona Tours.
If you want to go in a little more unexpected direction, why not host an ethnic-themed brunch? Mexican food is always a crowd pleaser with huevos rancheros or chilaquiles. Serve some colorful pan dolce and maybe a tequila sunrise as well.
Calling All Quiche
Quiche, and its Italian cousin the frittata, is pretty standard brunch fare, but you can punch it up by serving many variations on the theme. What about a selection of six or eight different quiches, depending on the size of your party, served buffet-style with a simple green salad? Try one or try them all. This is a great make-ahead menu option.
Southern Comfort

Be sure to invite ladies to wear their best hats to your Southern-style brunch. Creamy grits with lots of toppings (bacon, different cheeses, sausage, herbs), biscuits and cream gravy, heavenly pecan rolls, even fried chicken and waffles if you like. Serve with sweet tea and a not-too-sweet Southern Comfort punch: 1 5th Southern Comfort, and the juice of 6 oranges, 6 lemons, and 6 limes, plus lemon-lime soda or sparkling water to taste.
Elegant Eggs
Make plain scrambled eggs seem a little more elegant by upping the ante when it comes to toppings and mix-ins. You can’t go wrong with a little smoked salmon and fennel, or try topping creamy scrambled eggs with a dollop of caviar and créme fraiche.
Salad Season
A spread of salads can also make a lovely brunch that takes advantage of seasonal produce. You might serve favorites like a warm spinach salad with bacon dressing, a fresh chicken salad with poppy seeds, fruit salad dressed in a lemon balm simple syrup, and minted peas. Slabs of crusty buttered baguette with slices of fresh radishes and sea salt make an elegant accompaniment. Choose a light cocktail like this fizzy elderflower cocktail that features St. Germain and Champagne.