An Eggcellent Occasion: Hosting the Perfect Easter Brunch

Easter’s just around the corner, and every family has their own special way of celebrating. For those with young kids, the day usually revolves around Easter egg hunts, baskets, and candy. But grownups can have Easter fun too! Hosting an Easter brunch for family or friends can liven up the holiday and keep it from being completely kid-centric. Here are some DIY Easter brunch tips that will wow your guests and look like it was catered.

Come up with many options-Consider the guests coming and create your dishes around their tastes and preferences. A great mix would be one dish involving eggs, like an omelet or soufflé, an assortment of baked goods or pastries (either made or picked up…no one’s telling), a variety of fresh fruit, and bacon. Don’t forget the coffee!

-Be creative with your dishes- Have fun with the main dish or dessert option, and make something out of the ordinary with seasonal ingredients. For a main dish, try a spinach and panchetta quiche, baked eggs with fennel or spinach, or a smoked salmon and asparagus frittata. For dessert, consider creating individual fruit, yogurt and granola parfaits or topping waffles with chocolate and coconut.

Create the perfect center piece- Spring holidays are great for decorating the table because you can find so much inspiration from nature.  A beautiful arrangement of tulips, a nature scene with moss and dyed Easter eggs, or egg shaped candles arranged on a tray all look elegant and unique. Accents like place cards and sage green place mats will add to your table.

Make an Easter cocktail, or go tried and true – Easter’s not traditionally known as a festive holiday, but who says it can’t be? Either go classic and serve mimosas or Bloody Marys, or consider some alternatives, like taking inspiration from all the candy and concocting a delicious watermelon or raspberry flavored drink.

-Consider outdoor options- Even if it’s too chilly to host an outdoor brunch, try to get everyone out in the fresh air to enjoy springtime. If space is a consideration, go up to the roof for drinks.

-Host an activity to entertain the kids- Create a crafting station in one room to entertain the children and/or guests’ children after the meal. Since you won’t want to bother with messy dyes while playing hostess, consider dyeing some eggs in advance and giving the children colorful felt, markers, and glue so they can create birds, pigs, or egg people!

With these DIY catering tips, your Easter celebration is sure to be a hit!