A Caterer’s Top 8 Tools of the Trade for Home Use

No, we’re not talking about chafing dishes! We’ve culled out 8 practical and aesthetically pleasing kitchen tools for you to use at home to make every party look like a catered event.

1. Strawberry Huller: What is that random gadget, you might be thinking. It’s the perfect tool for making quick, effortless yet still visually appealing desserts. It helps you quickly remove the insides of a strawberry, which then can be filled with cream, ricotta or chocolate for a cute dessert. Chef’n Strawberry Huller online at Williams-Sonoma, $7.95.

2. Bamboo cutting boards: These are the only cutting boards you won’t want to whisk away quickly when guests arrive – the attractive bamboo wood makes them both super strong and more visually pleasing than the plastic kind. Totally Bamboo 3-Piece Cutting Board Set from Amazon, $18.37.

3. We love this minimalist mortar and pestle set from Montreal ceramics brand Designlump, http://designlump.blogspot.com $65.

4. Porcelain appetizer spoons will make your appetizers look just like a catered event  – it’s all in the presentation.

Crate and Barrel, $0.95 per spoon.

5. Slate cheese markers will help turn a regular wine and cheese night into a special event by giving that extra touch. www.wineenthusiast.com, $14.95.

6. Not only is this whisk extremely durable with flexible plastic tines, it also looks great in your kitchen. So go ahead and throw out your boring regular aluminum one! Normann-copenhagen.com, $26.

7.These teardrop shaped serving boards resemble artists pallets or guitar picks to us. Either way, they’re not your traditional serving boards and they bring your table to life. Uncommongoods.com, $80-$115.

8. The ergonomical, cool design of this garlic rocker is actually very practical as well: instead of clamping, you simply rock the tool back and forth across the garlic clove to crush garlic instantly. Uncommongoods.com, $15.