Impress your friends-Become a Cheese Connoisseur

I don’t know anyone not obsessed with cheese (except those sad lactose intolerant friends, a pity!). There’s just something incredibly satisfying about cheese, whether it be a delicious smattering of varieties on a great cheese platter served with wine or local samples at the farmer’s market. For such a staple ingredient, there are many varieties that the average buyer isn’t aware of. So this weekend, skip the wine tastings (everyone’s a wine expert these days anyways) and instead try buffing up your skills by becoming a cheese connoisseur. You’ll impress your friends and party guests when you whip out your secret talent!

Of course, the next question is, how? I would suggest taking a class with friends; it will be a fun experience that will also increase your knowledge!

Artisanal Premium Cheese, located at 483 Tenth Avenue, features a full schedule of available classes, with 13 different options for March alone. Its website states that each class is around 90 minutes long and is preceded by a 30 minute welcome with wine, fondue and cheese platters! Can’t complain about that. More information can be found here:

For the truly dedicated, another option is a “Cheese Boot Camp” offered by Murray’s, located at 254 Bleeker St. At $695, it’s definitely a pricier option but could be a fun event for couples and true cheese aficionados. The weekend long boot camp offers five different sessions that will teach you everything from the chemistry and history of cheese to how to create the perfect cheese plate and which beverage to pair with which variety of cheese. More information about the boot camp can be found here:

Fortunately for the less intense (and thriftier) among us, Murray’s also offers a wide array of classes, focusing on everything from beer and cheese pairings to organic cheeses. Even better, they offer great cheese guides for free on their website so you can brush up on your skills before hosting your next party!